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Meet Our Chefs

Gate Gourmet's global team of accredited chefs are known for designing and preparing delicious, nutritious and unique menus that meet any specification and delight the passenger. They also are responsible for helping ensure culinary consistency and top food quality across our global operation. We’re very pleased to introduce you to some of our talented chefs from around the world.

Dino Schönenberger

Regional Executive Chef Switzerland

Dino Schönenberger joined Gate Gourmet in February 2007 and is based in Zurich. As Regional Executive Chef, Switzerland, he is responsible for all areas of production development as well as overseeing VIP catering within Zurich.

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Where did you work previously? Prior to joining the company, I handled other large-volume business in London and Zurich. I worked 10 years for Sheraton Atlantis in Zurich as well as for Sheraton in London. In Switzerland I also worked for Hyatt and SV Group, which is a big catering company.

What is your favorite food? I enjoy food and dining in general. My favorites are the Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

What attracted you to airline catering? When I first walked in to the kitchen in Zurich, I was so absolutely impressed that I couldn’t even say a word. It is just amazing how all this food finds the right way to the right plane -- all the logistics behind what we do. Plus, I have always been a fan of flying and of any avionic thing.

What inspired you to be a chef? I always enjoyed going out with my parents to top hotels and nice restaurants around the world. But for me, it was very clear, very early on, that I wanted to cook. When I was 10 years old, my mother was away for a few days, and my father had to cook. Let’s just say that asked my father: “Please let me try tonight to do dinner.” Of course he was happy to say yes, and I made my first dish -- a Filet Wellington.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not cooking? I spend as much time as I can with my family.