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Meet Our Chefs

Gate Gourmet's global team of accredited chefs are known for designing and preparing delicious, nutritious and unique menus that meet any specification and delight the passenger. They also are responsible for helping ensure culinary consistency and top food quality across our global operation. We’re very pleased to introduce you to some of our talented chefs from around the world.

Gottfried Menge

Vice President Group Culinary Excellence

In his role as Vice President Group Culinary Excellence, Chef Gottfried's primary goal is to strengthen the culinary capabilities that Gate Gourmet brings to the customer’s table. He focuses on driving the culinary elements in innovation workshops, at trade shows and for marketing presentations, in close cooperation with the Group Marketing team. He also oversees Gate Gourmet's Customer Dedicated Executive Chef program, under which dedicated chefs are appointed to look after all the culinary requirements of a particular key customer. Chef Gottfried is based in Zurich, Switzerland and joined the company in 2006.

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Where did you work previously?  Prior to joining Gate Gourmet, I worked with Eva Air subsidiary Evergreen Sky Catering in Taiwan, where I designed, developed and implemented all menu cycles for Eva Air and other airline customers. Before that, I specialized in other high-end hospitality catering, including five-star properties Howard Plaza Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, and Hotel Nikko in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Where did you study the culinary arts?  I have been an active member of the international gastronomic society Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs since 1996 and was honored to be promoted to Conseiller Culinaire in 2001.

What inspired you to be a chef? The satisfaction of seeing the end result of one's own creative process.

What attracted you to airline catering? I love a good challenge, and the special challenges of introducing restaurant food to the sky led me to the airline catering industry.

What kind of food or dish do you most enjoy? The ones my wife cooks for me!