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Meet Our Chefs

Gate Gourmet's global team of accredited chefs are known for designing and preparing delicious, nutritious and unique menus that meet any specification and delight the passenger. They also are responsible for helping ensure culinary consistency and top food quality across our global operation. We’re very pleased to introduce you to some of our talented chefs from around the world.

Oliver Fischer

Director of Culinary Excellence - Europe

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Chef Oliver joined the company in 2004. As the Director of Culinary Excellence for our European business, Chef Oliver sees his role as strengthening our culinary capabilities and working together with the European chefs on consistency and new concepts for our customers. He says, "Culinary Excellence is the key to attracting customers’ attention and creating value for all of us."

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Where did you work previously? Before starting my career with Gate Gourmet, I worked for Starwood Hotels and Resorts Europe, Hilton International APAC, and European properties with the Leading Hotels of the World group.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not cooking? I’m a passionate drummer and conductor and this helps me bring creativity to my work.

What advice would you give someone just starting out as a cook or chef? Be tolerant and open for new ideas, and keep it simple.

Where did you study the culinary arts? I am a Global Certified Chef and received my degrees from the Federal Technical School in Weggis, Switzerland.

What inspired you to be a chef? I like to create emotions and good food.

What is your favorite saying or quote? Just do it…