Customer Solutions

Facility Options

Whatever your desired catering solution, Gate Gourmet has the operating model to deliver on your vision.

Each of our facilities is clean and well-organized to promote the safe and on-time production, assembly and delivery of food, beverages, and complementary items for onboard service.

Full-Service Kitchens

Our full-service facilities offer customers a wide array of food and beverage options, generally with hot and cold food production capabilities and excellent flexibility and capacity to handle numerous ad-hoc needs, ranging from full-scale charter flight requests to last-minute additional meals for an increased passenger count on scheduled flights.

The majority of our kitchens also have conference space to provide a comfortable venue for collaborative customer meetings, menu presentations, and other affairs requiring showrooms. Some of our hub locations have also been used for high-profile presentations attended by government officials and dignitaries, as well as members of the media.

At our full-service facilities, our teams also handle packing and provisioning of non-food items, such as cutlery, headphones, amenity kits and comfort items, to name a few. And of course, what goes up must come down. Our facilities have a full complement of dishwashing and equipment processing areas, in addition to specified zones for proper handling of all trash and recycling in accordance with local and international regulations.

Asset-Lite Facilities
For those customers who offer an in-flight selection of pre-packaged food items, snacks and beverages, Gate Gourmet is ready to fulfill this need with our asset-light option. Our dedicated teams at these “commissary” facilities daily handle numerous services including:
  • Assembling soda drawers
  • Packing silverware
  • Building liquor and/or beer kits
  • Provisioning packaged food and beverage items
  • Providing dry supply uplift (napkins, cups, sugar etc.)

Some of these locations even perform additional services, such as aircraft cabin cleaning.