Customer Solutions

Operational Excellence

Because we never stop working to optimize our processes, our ongoing pursuit of operational excellence led gategroup to launch its gateOPEX program as a revolutionary step forward in defining and deploying standards and best practices across all functional areas.

With global operations spanning five continents, Gate Gourmet is challenged each and every day to sustain operational excellence, reliability, and the highest standards of service. Given our daily logistical complexities, time sensitivity, safety and security considerations and a large and diversified work force, how do we meet these challenges and deliver on our vision of being a global leader in our markets and the products and services we provide?

The answer can be found in gategroup’s stated values: excellence, passion, integrity and accountability – values which drive us to continuously innovate and champion performance improvement, manage change and deliver best-in-class products and services to our customers.

gateOPEX is built around three basic interlinked principles, each with its own set of well-defined methods, practices and initiatives. Our customers notice these initiatives most though our superior delivery on: Safety, Quality, Reliability and Productivity.

People Development

Training initiatives offering courses, from Lean Principles to coaching and mentoring, including methods of sharing information across all levels of the operation.

Operational Deployment

Enables issues to be mitigated before their occurrence and enhances our existing procedures, which in turn strengthen customer relationships.

  1. Shift Briefings
  2. Internal Feedback Loop (IFBL) (encouraging employee feedback and suggestions for improvement)
  3. Visual Management (multi-language signage for safety and efficient operations)
Infrastructure Management

Equipping employees with the technology to increase the safety, quality and speed of product delivery, enhance customer interaction, and improve communication.

  1. Mobile Data Collector – e-service ordering to electronically capture product delivery and top-off data, increasing speed of reconciliation and invoicing, and driving efficiencies.
How Does This Help Our Customers?

Our vigilant focus on process improvements and operational excellence is the foundation of our organizational culture and touches every aspect of our business. gateOPEX is focused on lean manufacturing to drive process optimization in a structured and measured way, which allows us to deliver well-documented advances in safety, quality, reliability and productivity for our customers.