Our Differentiators

Passenger Experience

Gate Gourmet menu designs prove immensely popular with passengers, but we know we’ve done our job well when that delight is associated with our customer’s brand.

We take into consideration our customers’ cultural significance, the regions in which it operates, and specific passenger preferences, translating these components into a unified, unique onboard experience.

To spice up the menu and provide the variety frequent travelers desire, Gate Gourmet can also designs themed meals that lend something special to in-flight dining.

For instance, a full-service flight out of Zurich might feature a local specialty, such as “Geschnetzeltes” – veal slices in a mushroom cream sauce accompanied by rösti, a Swiss-style potato pancake. And in April, when the end of winter is celebrated at Sechseläuten with winter being burned in effigy in the form of the Böögg (a large paper and wood figure of a snowman stuffed with explosives), the onboard dessert might feature a fire-shaped chocolate topped with a decorative edible snowman.

And working with deSter, we designed visual highlights for tray setups, featuring illustrations or pictures that further solidify an onboard theme or dining adventure.

It’s all in the name of pleasing the passenger and differentiating your brand.